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Psychedelic Substances

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Psychedelic Substances

The profound beneficial effects of psychedelics on the mind and body are life changing. Numerous studies have provided evidence supporting the notion that these remarkable substances have the capacity to facilitate physical and mental healing.

Toxicity and trauma often play a significant role in the manifestation of illness within the body. Psychedelics offer a unique potential to aid in the healing of deep-seated trauma. By engaging with these substances, individuals are provided with an opportunity to explore and heal the stored trauma that may be impacting their well-being.

Throughout our lives, we develop patterns of behavior that create well-worn pathways within our thought processes. These patterns are born out of repeated experiences, nurturing a sense of attachment and identification. While some behaviors may bring us joy and happiness, others can lead to dysfunction and suffering. Psychedelics have the ability to offer a new perspective on these events and patterns, allowing us to view them from a more expansive standpoint. Equally important, psychedelic experiences help us forge new pathways that promote healing and positivity.

Furthermore, psychedelics aid in the removal of low-vibration energy within our bodies, making room for the influx of positive, high-vibrational energy. Whether through microdosing or low/heroic dose sessions, this process can be initiated. While microdosing and low-dose sessions may require more time and may not delve as deeply as heroic sessions, their effectiveness should not be understated.

When we intentionally partner with these medicines, with the explicit intention of exploring, moving, and healing trauma and physical pain, they can assist us in actualizing our hopes and dreams, ultimately leading to a happier and more fulfilling life. By harnessing the power of psychedelics, we open ourselves up to the immense potential for growth, transformation, and holistic well-being.

Plant Medicines

Magic Mushrooms/Psilocybin
Treats anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction and over-active brain. Assists with healing the brain of confusion, trauma, and stress. Helps us feel more connected, balanced and focused. 
Treats depression, anxiety, trauma and lack of clarity. Assists us with finding inner strength and guidance, relaxes the nervous system, provides nurturing and support. Offers a reconnection to the divine feminine. 

Treats addiction, disassociation, poor memory, ADHD, OCD and inaccountability. Assists with clarity and truth, helping people with integrity issues. 

San Pedro 
Treats lack of energy, alcoholism, and heartbreak. Brings back access to lightness and joy. Assists with healing and processing grief and sadness. 

Provides pain relief and physical healing. Helps to heal blockages from our past. 

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Synthetic Medicine

Treats addiction, depression and anxiety. Mind opener, having positive impact on behaviors and view points to collaboratively interact with your environment. Very Mind based and excellent fro problem solving.

Treats trauma and social anxiety. External heart opener providing the ability to experience external love. Assists with loving more deeply and unselfishly. Improves interpersonal relationships and communication. Heart based medicine that promotes love and contentedness.

Treats self-worth and interpersonal challenges. Internal heart opener provides space for self-acceptance and self-love. Assists with understanding self, thought processes, behaviors, and how to improve them. 

Supports healing process through improved mental processing. Mind opener allowing for transcendent integration and clarity. Unlocks personal mental freedom by revealing new healthy perspectives.

Toad Medicine

Treats depression, addiction and chronic pain. Heals and cleanses the body, removing low vibrational energy. Assists with stamina, heightened senses, and environmental awareness. 

Treats depression, anxiety, addiction and trauma. Assists with enhanced life satisfaction and ability to connection with one's self and others. Users can experience dissolution of the ego and unity consciousness.


Mixing Psychedelic Substances

Mixing psychedelic substances can be extremely dangerous if not done properly. Please review the chart below for substance interactions.

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